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The First Humanoid Robotic Nurse in the World

The First Humanoid Robotic Nurse in the World

Meet the world’s first humanoid robotic nurse, a game-changing advancement in healthcare. Discover how modern technology is transforming patient support and care. In 2016, Hanson Robotics, one of these robotics companies, shocked the world by introducing Sofia. They recently introduced Grace, their newest creation, which they hope will change healthcare. Hence, Grace Humanoid robot has been designed to look after the elderly or disabled patients in the hospitals and wards. 

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Elon Musk's Robot Girlfriend

Elon Musk’s Robot Companion

In the age of artificial intelligence, love takes on a whole new meaning. And when it comes to exploring the intersection of love and technology, one man is always ahead of the curve: Elon Musk. The entrepreneur and visionary behind Tesla and SpaceX has recently made headlines with his bold statements about the future of AI, including the idea of Elon Musk’s Robot Girlfriend.

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